Ren i Tang


Our Commitment


As we move towards an era of awakening - the realisation that decades of indiscriminate consumerism and indulgence is now evalanching on our future , we have to take it upon ourselves as individuals and as citizens of the world to address the issues. This is also in hope that we may be able to start a ripple effect in influencing others to help heal this ever expanding hole, one person at a time. These are several activities that we have adopted and implemented into the daily workings at our bistro as well as the inn:

- Using old newspapers to line bins in the rooms Here's a video if you wish to start this at home or workplace

- Providing our guests an option to have their towels washed daily or otherwise.

- Minimilise toiletry packaging with our shampoo and body wash dispenser in our bathrooms.

- Glass drinking bottles , glass jugs and water dispenser

We provide drinking bottles and jugs in our guestrooms. For refills, we have installed a water dispenser at the Bistro. This effort has greatly reduced our unnecessary single use plasic bulk disposals.

- Metal straws provided , veg & fruit composting, no take away drink containers practised at the Bistro.

- Grocery shopping locally. Much of Bistro Tang's daily requirements such as eggs, vegetables, fruits, spices are bought at the Chowrasta morning market or from the vendors along Carnavon Street or from the "hole-in-the-wall" grocery stores in Little India.

- Use of meshbags and grocery bags for our shopping sprees. Don't be afraid to use the meshbags especially at the supermarket's grocery section. As long as the staff can see the content, they are fine with you not using their single use plastic bags.

Restore & Maintain

To restore and to maintain are amazingly tedious and strenuous tasks to conduct at times. It takes time, it takes a lot of patience and it takes much love and passion , sometimes beyond what can be physically achieved. But once done and to satisfaction , it is truly rewarding -even if not for all, but for one.

- Maintaining an urban community. As the local community continue to move away, it is our duty to continue to contribute to the local economy, keep our mom & pop shops from disappearing before its time and hopefully this will encourage the urban elderly to continue their trade and their lives within the area.

- Continue to restore the building with traditional materials and experiment with materials or techniques that may help counter the 21st century climatic issues such as corrosian or erosion of building materials caused by rising underground water table, pollution and weather changes.

- Restore the idea of growing our own food to put on our table. Herbs, vegetables, roots, microgreens. This is an ongoing process and planting microgreens is our new project, hopefully we will be able to add this to our menu soon.

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