Ren i Tang




Working areas

The Museum

When Yin Oi Tong moved away in 2009, the owners left behind many old items such as gunny sacks of herbs; items that are no longer available such as old lipstick paste used by women in the early 1900’s; packets of “Wong Lo Kat” (a herbal concoction to combat heatiness in body) packaged in recycled newspaper dating back to 1950s; monkeys' bones , deer antlers ; old glass syringes; porcelain pill pots; newspaper cuttings dating back to 1930’s and many more fascinating items.

The museum also gives an idea of the workings at Yin Oi Tong and the items they manufactured, packaged and sold including cough syrups, spices and herbs, as well as tools of the trade.

Courtyard Herb Garden ~ Work in Progress

Our herb, fruit and vegetable garden practices the fundamentals of organic and aquaponics (a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics). The garden courtyard is tucked away in a tranquil setting, where guests can take a breather from the bustle of China and Penang Street.


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