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82-A Lebuh Penang (Penang Street)

10200 George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site | Penang | Malaysia

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1 China Tiger Penang & 29 The Gallery
2 Penang Heritage Trust
3 Pinang Peranakan Mansion
4 Tua Pek King Temple Cantonese Tua Pek Kong Temple is a Taoist temple located at 32, 32A & 34 King Street . Here is also the Heong San Hoay Kuan and the Nin Yong Temple.
5 Little India Little India, what used to be more or less confined to the Market Street, has now spread out to China and Penang Street too. The Indian trades are moving in to cater to the growing Indian community living in the Northern Territories of Malaysia who come to Penang for their shopping sprees.
6 Sri Mariamman Temple
7 Kuan Yin Temple
8 The Han Jiang Ancestral Temple
9 Kapitan Keling Mosque
10 Cheah Kongsi
11 Khoo Kongsi
12 Acheen Street Mosque
13 Yap Kongsi
14 Sun Yat Sen Museum
15 Thieves Market This is a little open area where peddlers used to show their wares to shoppers whether they were obtained legally or illegally was not the issue. The issue was in the bargains and the bargaining. Lots of fun and less likely these days, that peddlers still cast a wary eye on the streets ~ scanning the area for those boys in uniform for they have all gone legitimate, or have they? Trading starts at around 5.00pm and goes on till light fails. Everyday except rainy days
16 Syed Alatas Mansion (Penang Islamic Museum)
17 George Town World Heritage Inc. (GTWHI) Information on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also for those who are interested to know more about the restoration process of old prewar buildings can head there for advice.
18 Durga Shrine
19 Fort Cornwallis
20 Esplanade The Esplanade is often used to house festival events. But for migrant workers, the esplanade turns into a cricket field every morning from 7am till just before they have to get to work. A return to what it may have been used often too during British colonial days
21 St Georges Church
22 Penang Museum
23 Cathedral of the Assumption
24 Protestant Cemetary
25 Chowrasta Bazaar



Sri Weld Food Court

Ali Nasi Lemak Bungkus. Open 7am – 5pm.    Closed on Sunday & public holidays

A variety of local hawker food eh beef kway teow soup, char kway teow, hokkien mee, curry mee etc. Open 10.30am - 4.00pm . Closed on Sunday & public holidays


Coffeeshop opposite Ren I Tang

Vegetarian fried noodles. Half boiled eggs and a cup of local kopi (coffee). The Char Kway Teow and the Kway Teow Teng (noodles with soup). Open 7am - 3pm. Closed Sunday and public holidays


Heng Kee Restaurant

Old home-cook styled dishes. Fish Curry Tumis cooked in the spicy tamarind gravy with lady fingers and tomatoes to balance the flavours and textures is a highlight as is the Kang Kung Ham Har, a home recipe where the kangkung (Water Spinach) is served with a topping of dried prawns and fried garlic paste etc. Open Mon 11.00 am - 3.00 pm ; Tue - Sun 11.00 am - 3.00 pm & 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm


Peace & Joy Coffee Shop

Penang Curry Mee , Wanton Mee, Hainanese Chicken Rice, penang chee cheong fun with prawn paste and nasi campur . Open 7am – 3pm . Closed on Monday
K Ah Hock Wanton Mee Really springy noodles and the no frills kind of old style wanton noodles you can hardly get in big towns nowadays. Twist here is that you can have it with sambal or with chopped green chillies or both. Open weekdays from 12:30pm to 5:30pm. Closed weekends and major Chinese festivals
L Kedai Kopi Seng Thor Fried Oyster (Evening 2pm onwards), Loh Mee (Morning), Instant Cook Koey Teow Soup (Morning and Lunch), Hokkien Prawn Mee (Morning), lor bak , Wanton Mee.
M Cintra Food Corner Bak Chang or Meat Dumplings available all year round. Also available is the red bean soup. Open everyday 9.00am - 6.00pm except Sunday closed. New location is now at 56J, Pengkalan Weld, George Town
N De Tai Tong Cafe Dim Sum old style with pushcarts still at hand and pushier aunty waitresses (although in a nice way). Open daily, 12noon-3pm & 6pm-11pm
O Yong Pin Dim Sum Dim Sum and yee foo noodles are fantastic here. Open 6.00am - 12.00pm &  7.00pm - 12.00am . Closed Mondays.
Q Char Kway Teow Stall outside of Sin Guat Keong Kopi Tiam Passed down from father to son, this char kway teow is different as it adds mantis prawn fritters into its recipe. Open 6.00pm till late. Closed ~ days uncertain.
R Joo Hooi Cafe Used to be good, but now that it's generally thronged by tourists, the standard has dropped a little and the price has gone up a bit. A variety of assam laksa, lor bak, chinese fruit rojak, char kway teow, lor mee, popiah, kway teow teng. But if you're looking to have chendol from the famous chendol stall located outside on the street, a charge of 50sen is imposed. So if you're just good having a bowl of assam laksa and a nice wallop of ice cold chendol, take a stroll down Jln Keng Kwee about 50m or so and theres a shophouse selling just that and owned by the Teochew Chendol Stall people themselves. Open 11am – 3pm and 5.30pm – 9.30pm. Closed : Every alternate Monday
S Kheng Pin Cafe The most famous and personal best Lor Bak in George Town. This place opens for breakfast and lunch only. Other food items here are Wan Tan Mee, chicken rice, Yu Sang Kai Chok (Chicken Porridge), Char Koay Teow and Kway Teow Teng. Open 7am – 3pm . Closed on Monday  
T Kedai Kopi Kek Seng Love the old style kopi tiam with its tiny booths and the homemade durian ice cream etc. The Ais Kacang here is truly the old fashioned type. If you like soggy pasty red bean, jelly and real homemade icecream in your ais kacang..this is the place! Also sold here, Jawa Mee, Chicken Rice, Loh Bak, and popiah. Some say their standard has dropped somewhat due to dwindling business. Open 11.00am – 4.30pm
V Rio Hotel & Kedai Kopi Love the artdeco building that houses this cafe. It's a real kopi and eggs place although there are other things to eat there to such as mee goreng, char kway teow etc.
W Ho Ping Cafe The best ever pork innards porridge is here! no doubt about it. Only for the non- fainthearted. It has the works.. brains, intestines, live, stomach, meat. everything!! Ok and then there are other things to eat there too such as lor bak, nasi campur, fried noodles, char kway teow. Open 5.00pm - 1.00am. Closed Thursdays
X Tan Jetty Thai Food Thai family cooks authentic thai food , located at the end of the jetty, away from the crowd. It's a great setting for evening dining although the scent of the muddy banks can be a bit overpowering. Open everyday 11.00am - 2.30pm , 5.00pm - 10.00pm
Y Sky Hotel Sells barbequed pork and roast pork. Very , Very popular with the locals so be prepared to wait for a seat. Open 11.30am – 2.30pm. Closed Sundays
1 Teochew Chendol Stall Located on Jalan Keng Kwee , just at the side entrance into Joo Hooi Cafe. This is a hard to miss stall as it's almost always thronged by customers. So if you're just good having a bowl of assam laksa and a nice wallop of ice cold chendol, take a stroll down Jln Keng Kwee about 50m or so and theres a shophouse selling just that and owned by the Teochew Chendol Stall people themselves. Open daily 10.00am - 7.30pm. Closed if it rains heavily
2 Phuttu stall This is located just across the road from Ren i Tang. It opens around 5-ish but sometimes it could be later as the rice flour is ground fresh daily just on China Street , a little further down the road from us. The phuttu is best eaten straight off the steamer and at only RM4 for 3pcs, it's worth waiting for. The owner also packs additional brown sugar and coconut to go with it. Open every evening but closes when the owners feel that they need a rest.
3 Goh Cheng Hoe Dessert It serves home-made heng jeen(almond) milk which is eaten with eu char kuey (fried dough sticks) ; hot red bean soup ; cold ginkgo; leng jee kang (lotus seed) etc. Open 6.30pm - 12.00mn . Closed Mondays
4 Ghee Hiang Biscuit and Sesame Oil The old Ghee Hiang shop sells local penang biscuits such as tambun biscuits, hneah pneah and their famouse sesame oil amongst other things. Open every day

Pak Thong Koh And Ham Chin Peng 

Lovely supper snacks. Not too filling and if you're craving for some old fashioned snacks..this is it. Open 7.00pm -9.30pm Closed Days off not fixed.
6 Oh Goi or Ai Yu Ping This is a traditional thirst quencher which we hardly ever get in KL but still available in Penang. This stall is located at the junction of Ghaut Acheen St and weld quay. It's manned by a brother and sister team and usually is hard to miss as the crowd is as thick as the honey wasps that buzz round the bowls of syrup. Another place you will be able to get ai yu ping is at 32 Light Street Cafe at Green Hall. This one, they add an extra topping of selasih.
7 Banana fritters and Neen Goh with tapioca fritters This is as good as it comes ~ Banana fritters and Neen Goh with tapioca fritters, deep fried Jin Tui (glutinous rice ball) , and having this with ai yu ping and assam laksa at the stalls across the road, is the ultimate teatime booster. Open 1.30pm – 6.30pm . Closed Sundays
8 Ismalia Bakery

The famous Roti Bengali recipe is believed to have originated from North India. Ismalia Bakery, the famous Roti Benggali shop was established in 1928 but closed down several years ago and changed hands while the new owners continued to produce bread from the old recipes. Although, the recently renovated building has lost quite a bit of its own flavour, the roti remains true to its original recipe. Open 8.00am - 2.00pm, everyday

9 Shong Hor Hin Herbal Drinks sells kwai leng kou (龜苓膏), medicated herbal tea (苦茶), Papaya Almond (木瓜杏仁露),  ginseng chrysanthemum tea and more. Open from 1pm to 10pm. Close on Public Holidays.
10 Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay This unassuming place is located behind Sky Hotel on Jalan Masjid. There are lots of dogs here. You will notice the entrance sometimes littered with dogs. The kitchen is like walking into a Hong Kong TV set. It's old and functional and used. And the variety of nyonya kuih! Nothing beats buying anything straight off the press. Open 10am till whenever they wish to close sometime late afternoon. Closed Mondays
1 Kedai Kopi Hotel Merlin Merlin Nasi Kandar is an institution with the locals. It's affordable as compared to the more tourist frequented stalls and it opens from 8.00am till 2.00pm. Closed Sundays
3 Tajuddin Hussain Nasi Kandar This place sells all kinds of meat curries from the usual mutton, chicken , duck to the turkey, pigeon, goose ...lots and lots to choose from which goes well with nasi bryani. Open 12.00nn - 3.30pm ; 7.00pm - 10.00pm. Closed Sundays
4 Nasi Beratur This place opens at 9.30pm and closes around 2.00am. By 9pm sometimes, it not uncommon to see a long line of hungry customers waiting patiently at the entrance of the shop . The variety of curries is superb and you may notice, many of the parked cars are out-of-towners.
5 Ramzan Nasi Kandar Ramzan's signature dish is Claypot Chicken Briyani. Open 6.00am - Closed Sundays
6 Hamideeyah Hameediyah eating house was established in 1907 and is among one of the oldest restaurants in Penang. It serves South Indian cuisine and is well known for its nasi kandar. Known for its Murtabak, this restaurant is also popular for its Kambing Kurma (mutton kurma) and appetizing side dishes of sambal nyior (coconut sambal) and cili jerok (pickled chili) and don't forget their ayam goreng and curry fish head. Open 11am – 10.30pm . Closed Fridays.
7 Line Clear So you have a craving for nasi kandar at 2am? No worries, there's Line Clear 24hours Nasi Kandar Stall at Penang Road to sate that appetite. It's true! It's 24hours and it's always popular. Open 24 hours. Closed fortnightly on Tuesday.
8 Nasi Padang International Ahh the Nasi Padang from our neighbours across the straits. Try their Curry Ayam and Sayur Lodeh,  Ikan Bakar, stir-fried tempeh with French beans, Paru Goreng, deep fried cincaru sambal , Dendeng Daging (beef), ulam ... Open  11.00am till 8.00pm.
10 Sup Hameed The mutton soup or sup kambing is what many come here for. It's a meal in itself and is served with benggali roti. A favourite stall for those who have had a night out drinking and partying. Open 4.30pm till past midnight
A Jaloux This is a newly opened space by the previous owners of Amelie's Cafe of which is now closed. Serves homemade pastas, coffees, desserts and cold cool drinks. Open Daily, 12pm - 3pm ; 6pm - 9pm (including public holidays); Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays
B Edelweiss Serves swiss cuisine... lots of pork, lots of sausages and cheeses. Open Tues - Fridays : 11.00am - 3.00pm, 6.30pm - 10.00pm. Saturday : 12.00nn - 10.00pm. Sunday : 12.00nn - 7.00pm. Closed Mondays
C China House Same owners as the BonTon Langkawi, this place is the rave of penang. Young and trendy come for the atmosphere, the Australian influenced menus and the entertainment. Open daily from 9.00am till 12.00mn.


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